La Casa Azul Encore Sophie Doell

WRTV6 News Feature


In a WRTV6 News Feature earlier this week, morning reporter Lauren Casey featured some backstage views of dress rehearsal, cast and author interviews and included some feature footage of the June 2015 World Premiere up La Casa Azul The Musical.

In the interview, composer, author, director, choreographer and producer Gregory Hancock said “There was demand to bring this back again…Frida Kahlo had an unusual and tragic childhood with polio and through her pain and suffering she developed this unique creativity.”

The interview touches upon Hancock’s own personal losses and setbacks in recent months including the sudden death of his mother and his personal battle with cancer.  “In a way I am doing the same thing Frida did…I am taking my mental, physical and emotional pain and turning it into unique creativity,” he added.

It is a story of “survival,  courage,  strength – love and power and pain” according to Hancock, in a setting that makes struggles and suffering relateable.  “The Arts keep us in touch with our humanity”, Hancock added.

The Encore performance continues through October 3, 2015 at The Tarkington Theatre at The Center for the Performing Arts, Carmel.

WRTV6 News Feature