A Piece of Extraordinary Beauty and Perception

Excerpts from Ken Klingenmeier’s review, July 12th, 2019.

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This very effective telling of a life story filled with much pain and suffering requires a deep understanding of dramatic structure and theatrical practice and Glade and his partners have succeeded here in grand fashion….

Orchestrally, the music is near perfection. Its thorough attentions to mood, setting and emotion are a strong feature of the work.

Valerie Nuccio is absolutely stunning as Frida Kahlo …. she provides a superb performance …. Her acting conveys the artist’s emotional life-arc with honest and clear features of desire and despair.

… (LA CASA AZUL) is full of emotions and beauty, it is moving and forceful, it succeeds in its themes and its depictions and its production values …. this work can continue to grow and its successes are boundless.